Old Harleydavidson Clutch Removing Tools

Maintenance of older Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including clutch removal, requires specialized tools.

After a clutch wears down in a Harley-Davidson, you must replace it for effective shifting and safe riding. Clutch removal in an older Harley requires the usual variety of screwdrivers and wrenches, as well as a clutch removal tool BT 41-84l, an IMS diaphragm clutch spring compressor tool and a primary locking bar. You’ll also need 10 mm, 14 mm, and 17 mm sockets; a 5 mm Allen socket; 4- and 6-inch extensions; a ratchet; a torque wrench; a 14 mm wrench; and a large slotted screwdriver.

Clutch Removal Tool BT 41-84 Harley-Davidson

To remove the clutch, you’ll need to remove the brake light spring, the brake pedal and the right peg mount bracket. You then place the clutch removal tool over the push-rod adjusting screw. Next, you must tighten the push-rod adjusting screw lock-nut against the clutch removal tool, releasing the pressure against the spring tension adjusting nuts.

JIMS Diaphragm Clutch Spring Compressor Tool

This tool simplifies the removal of the retainer ring of the clutch. If you do not plan to replace the steel plates along with the fiber ones, check the steel plates for any signs of wear — such as discoloration or scoring. Measure the steel plates’ thickness to ensure the plates lie within suggested tolerances. Inspect the plates for warping.

Primary Locking Bar

Remove the pressure plate. The throw-out bearing in the center of the basket may fall as you remove the pressure plate. Once you remove the plates, use the primary locking bar to hold the clutch shell in place to prevent it from turning when you remove other parts of the clutch.