Online Guides For Change A Drive Belt In A Silverado

Online guides for change the belt drive in a Silverado can help you understand the serpentine system used to connect all of the engine’s accessory pulleys to the main crankshaft pulley. However, until you actually start to change the belt, you may not understand the simplicity and effectiveness of a serpentine belt in an automobile. The use of a serpentine belt helps save room and helps to free up horsepower because one belt creates less friction than several belts. With the advent of the tensioner pulley, the process for changing the belt in your Silverado is relatively straightforward.


1. Draw a diagram of the pulley system if you cannot locate the factory installed diagram under the engine hood.

2. Locate the tensioner pulley located between the crankshaft pulley and the air compressor pulley. The tensioner pulley is slightly lower than the two pulleys.

3. Place a socket and ratchet on the bolt located in the center of the tensioner pulley and rotate the pulley upwards to release tension on the serpentine belt.

4. Pull the belt off the engine’s accessory pulleys and discard it. Place the new belt onto all of the pulleys except the tensioner pulley. You will need two hands free to install the belt; therefore, you cannot hold the tensioner pulley in place while you install the belt. Use your diagram to help you route the belt.

5. Rotate the pulley upwards and slide the serpentine belt over the pulley. Lower the pulley into place and remove the socket and ratchet.