Open A Mechanic Shop

Begin a mechanic shop to utilize your auto repair skills

Opening a mechanic shop can be a fun and stimulating business opportunity for those who have the gift of fixing vehicles. Talented mechanics can earn an income by having their own repair facility or make a choice to oversee other mechanics if they choose to play the role of a hands-off owner. However, it is wise to understand fix cars and trucks yourself because you may have to repair vehicles if you can’t find a mechanic.


1. Look into the possibility of opening a franchise. Find out how much it would cost to get a franchise and operate it on a yearly basis. Go to the Internet site to research the various types of auto repair franchises which are available.

2. Become a member of a business group in your area which focuses on the automotive service industry such as the Automotive Service Association. This will provide you with the benefits of obtaining marketing advice, building relationships with suppliers of parts with whom you can do business and the chance to seek advice which relates to starting your shop.

3. Decide on a location. Open your shop at a location that was previously run by another mechanic, in a strip mall or on a main road where there is plenty of activity. Locate a structure that comes fully equipped with all of the mechanical devices which you will need or you will have to invest in equipment on your own.

4. Market your services. Place an ad in your local newspaper, leave flyers on car windshields and put business cards at stores close to your shop. Network with companies who deal with vehicles such tow truck companies, car washes and used car centers and offer them a fee for any customers they send to your shop.

5. Focus on providing quality service to your customers. Remember that the best form of advertising is a satisfied client who will provide quality referrals to your shop. Keep in mind that if your first few clients are not happy with the quality or price of your work, they will also tell their friends about their bad experience.

6. Open your shop for business. Offer each customer a gift such as a free oil change or free tire pressure check with every purchase made on the first day you are open. Ensure that you have coffee and a clean waiting area for the customers to wait while their vehicle is being repaired.