Operate A Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Use the 150 to search for metal on the beach.

The primary purpose of the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector is to locate metallic objects (such as jewelry or coins) in impossible situations (such as the woods or in the sand at the beach). Upon receiving your device, you may have questions about the detector’s basic operations. Follow a few steps to operate your detector effectively and efficiently. You can properly power your device, set the sensitivity of the detector disc, and choose your detection mode.


1. Turn the 150 on by pushing the “Power” button (located on the display interface in the lower right corner). Turn the 150 off by pushing the “Power” button again. Allow five seconds to pass before turning the detector back on.

2. Push the “Sensitivity” button (located on the display interface to the left of the “Power” button). Push the button continuously to cycle through the four sensitivity levels shown on the display. Set a higher level to locate objects that are either very small or very deeply buried. Set a lower sensitivity level in environmental situations including other multiple metallic pieces (such as trash, other metal detectors, or high mineral soils) or if you need to be more specific.

3. Push the “Mode” button (located in the far lower left corner of the metal detector display interface). Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the different modes, until you reach the mode most suitable to your situation. Press “All-Metal Mode” to detect all types of metal or if you’re looking for an item whose material is unknown. Press “Jewelry Mode” to find bracelets, rings, watches, and necklaces. “Jewelry Mode” ignores trash like nails and bottle caps. Press “Coins Mode” to locate multiple types of coins, but ignore trash such as pull tabs, iron, and bottle caps.

4. Hold the 150 with one arm by putting the underside of your arm against the “Arm Cuff” (the “U”-shaped end piece located at the head of the detector). Hold the handle grip with your hand (located just below the display interface). Lower the search coil (the round disc at the foot of the detector) to hover just above the ground. Move the detector across the ground gently to scan for metallic items. When your detector finds an object, it beeps. The beeps become faster the closer you are to the object.

5. Insert your 1/4-inch headphones plug into the headphones jack located on the back of the detector display interface to keep your detections private.