Optimize Iphone Battery

Optimize iPhone battery

Want to get the most life out of your iPhone battery while still doing the battery draining tasks? Check this easy helper out.


1. Turn the iPhone on if not already on.

2. Press the black sleep/wake button on the top of the phone, then slide the bar to unlock the phone.

3. Go to the Settings icon then to the Brightness tab. Slide the brightness slide bar a little less than halfway down. It should appear right under the letter ‘h’ in “Brightness”. Then also turn the Auto-Brightness to ‘ON’. Go back to settings.

4. Go to the ‘General’ tab, then check and see if the Bluetooth tab is on or off. If on and you are not currently using it with a Bluetooth device I recommend turning it off. It will save hours of battery life. Navigate back to the settings area.

5. Go to the ‘Mail’ tab in the settings area and under the ‘Messages’ Heading tap the ‘Auto-Check’ tab. You will have four different options. Depending on how much you rely on viewing you email and how often you need to view it is how you need to base this decision. If you need to view it often click the 15 min, less the 30. I recommend the manual option. It will save a lot of battery. Then go back to the ‘Mail’ area.

6. While still in the mail options area tap the ‘Show’ tab. You will have five options ranging from 25 messages to 200 recent messages. The fewer is the best option because it will take less time to load and save battery. Check the “25 Recent Messages” option. Navigate back to the ‘Mail’ then to Settings.

7. While still viewing your settings check to see if your Wi-Fi is ‘On’ or ‘Off’. If not using your Wi-Fi currently tap the tab and turn it to the ‘Off’ position. Then you can navigate back to the settings area.

8. Press the home button. You are all done and ready to add at least an hour to your battery usage life. Possibly more. I can easily use my iPhone all day doing lots of tasks and calls.