Options For Trike Scooters

Trike scooter options go from medical scooters to trike choppers.

Trike scooters come with two front wheels or with only one, and they come as high-performance, hot rod trikes, or as slower, fuel-efficient vehicles. No matter what kind of trike scooter you want, you can find one with the perfect options for your situation.

Electric Trike Scooters

Electric trike scooters are environmentally friendly and still get you where you want to go quickly and safely. Electric trikes usually get speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and run for about 20 miles with one charge of the motor. Some types of electric trike are perfect for older or disabled people. These options have a sturdy platform for the feet, a comfortable seat that can be rotated so it’s easy to mount the trike, and they can come with removable armrests. Other types of trike scooters running on electricity are rickshaw-style two-seaters and bike-style tricycles for adults. These scooters can also be pedaled without the motor running. Some electric trike scooters look like mopeds and come in fashionable colors.

Two-Stroke Gas Trike Scooters

A two-stroke gas trike is very efficient. The engine is lightweight and durable, and gives a lot of power to the trike. Two-stroke trikes have separate tanks for the gasoline and the oil and can go up to 75 miles per hour. They come in a kit or as already assembled trikes, perfect for the more adventurous older or disabled person, and the slower ones make fun first rides for young teens. However, two-stroke trikes aren’t common because they put out more pollutants, use more gasoline and tend to be noisier than four-stroke trikes.

Four-Stroke Gas Trike Scooters

A chopper-style option

Four-stroke trike scooters come in many shapes. In their simplest form, they resemble motorized bicycles with three wheels. The most popular shape is similar to that of a motorcycle. Some of the more unusual options are the trike chopper and the three-wheel cruiser, which has two front wheels and a top, similar to a car with two seats. This scooter also features an ignition key and a steering wheel. Four-stroke trike scooters usually are fully automatic and often feature reverse gears. The can get up to 50 miles per hour and hold from one to several gallons of gas. You can buy them with or without an electric starting system and disc brakes. A good four-stroke trike can get up to 75 miles per gallon. Most of these trikes are street legal.