Orange Boy’S Bedroom Ideas

Orange is a bold choice for a boy’s bedroom.

Though master bedrooms often serve as relaxing retreats for grown ups, children and teen bedrooms are more likely designed as reflections of personality traits, interests and favorites. Orange as a bedroom color for boys creates a playful, bright space that is both invigorating and inviting. Customize an orange boy’s room with a creative theme or bold accessories for a truly personalized space. Does this Spark an idea?

Orange Themes

Though simply including the color orange into a boy’s bedroom is a bold statement, an orange theme creates cohesion throughout the entire space for even greater visual impact. Consider several themes which include an orange element. For a sports’ enthusiastic, a basketball themed room could include orange walls, a basketball themed bedspread and a giant net secured to the wall that serves as storage. If your boy is intrigued by the natural elements, consider a tiger themed room that uses black as a trim colors and includes an accent wall adorned with distinctive black stripes. For a more subdued theme, keep to the sunny colors of citrus fruits and highlight the room with lime, yellow and orange fabrics and furniture.

Accent Colors

Orange is a dominant color choice for a boy’s bedroom; appropriate accent colors can complement orange walls to add dimension to the space and tone down what could be an overwhelming orange effect. For a clean, contemporary color scheme, opt for crisp white trim around windows, doors and baseboards; select white furniture and linens to create a modern space that will mature with the boy. For a striking contrast, use orange’s complementary blue in bedspreads, curtains and flooring; navy is a bolder option while teal or pale blues are less dramatic. To add a color without disrupting the orange, opt for red accents in pillows and trim to create a fiery boy’s bedroom. Another option is to use orange as an accent color for a room that is predominantly white or blue.


Carefully coordinate accessories in an orange room so that the color scheme appears cohesive and purposeful rather than overwhelming and chaotic. For a playful take on the color scheme, select a white dresser with alternating red and yellow knobs, or a bed spread with read and yellow stripes to build on the idea that red and yellow make orange. Incorporate orange into a white room through fabrics with orange patters; stripes, circles and even herringbone patterns add a burst of color and style to an otherwise simple bedroom. Some orange bedrooms may feel small with such a saturated color scheme; to make the room seem larger, hang several unframed circular mirrors on the walls and treat the windows with sheer curtains.