Oregon License Plate Identification

Several special license plate designs are available in Oregon.

In addition to the standard license plate, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles offers several special plates that are available on any passenger vehicle, as well as plates available only on certain types of vehicles or to certain vehicle owners.

Standard Plate

The standard Oregon license plate has a blue background with gray and blue mountains behind the license number and a green tree in the center, with the word Oregon above the license plate number. These plates cost $23 per set in 2010.

Alternative Backgrounds

Oregon license plates are available with several special backgrounds. The Pacific Wonderland plate is navy with yellow lettering and the words “Pacific Wonderland” along the bottom. These plates have a $100 surcharge, as of 2010, that supports the Oregon State Capitol Foundation and Oregon Historical Society with the supply limited to 40,000 sets. The salmon plate features an image of its namesake fish and requires a $30 surcharge, as of 2010, for every two years that goes toward the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. Other special plates support Crater Lake National Park and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

Restricted Plates

Vehicle owners with valid amateur radio station licenses can get an amateur radio operator plate with their call letters displayed. Vehicles manufactured in 1955 or earlier are eligible for antique vehicle plates. Special interest vehicle plates are issued for vehicles 25 years old or older that are maintained as collectors’ items and used only for exhibitions, parades, club activities and other such uses.