Organize A Motorcycle Charity Ride

Organizing a motorcycle charity ride requires some hard work and a lot of time to get everything organized and sponsor sheets passed around. Motorcycle riders regularly participate in many charity rides throughout the country. Some charity rides are for a specific organization and some are for individuals that may have cancer or another health issues and need help. The benefit rides and charity rides are all done the same way. It is important to have as many motorcycles participating as possible.


1. Plan the charity ride at least three to six months ahead of time. Some organizers will want to start planning a year ahead of time if the motorcycles charity ride is to be a huge event. This allows for enough advertising time and planning. Decide how the event will raise money. The most common way is with pledge sheets for so much money per mile rode. Plan the party after the ride. This is usually open to the public. It can be a brat fry and entertainment.

2. Set the course for the motorcycle charity ride. Map the course out so that every rider will have a map to follow with designated stops as well. Each stop will require the establishment to sign a sheet that says the rider was there. Most motorcycle charity rides send people to taverns or other dining or drinking establishments.

3. Print up pledge sheets for all entrants in the motorcycle charity ride. These should be given out to the participants at least two months ahead of time. This gives everyone enough time to get pledges. The pledge sheets need to have a place for name, phone, address and amount of pledge per mile or a donation payment.

4. Schedule a meeting place that is large enough to accommodate all the bike riders. This will be the start and finish point of the charity ride. This is where you will have drinks, food and entertainment for the riders who ride. This helps raise more money, especially if the general public attends.

5. Give every rider a map and send him on his way at the given time. As the ride nears the end, have enough people tending to the check in point so that every rider can be accounted for and the signature sheets can be checked.

6. Most riders will have the money collected before hand, but there may be some payments that need to be collected through the mail. Send out invoices for the amount of money owed. This is done by taking the pledge amount times the miles rode.