Otc Diagnostic Scan Tools

An OTC diagnostic scan tool may help to repair your vehcicle.

OTC is a popular brand of electronic diagnostic tools for cars and trucks. OTC diagnostic scan tools utilize a mini computer to determine, identify and diagnose problems in your vehicle. OTC diagnostic scans have a variety of uses and features. Some tools are designed for American cars only, while other tools work in both U.S. and foreign cars and trucks.

1000V CAT III Hybrid Multimeter

The OTC 1000V CAT III Hybrid Multimeter, performs a diagnostic scan for hybrid and Electric Vehicles. The OTC 1000V conducts an insulation test, which is used to test for voltage leaks in the vehicle. Features of the 1000V CAT III include: auto ranging, continuity buzzer, hybrid insulation resistance test, true RMS, a diode test, data hold, data logging, low battery display, display backlight, min/max mode and sleep mode. The 1000V CAT III kit comes with a short lead, K Type temperature adapter and leads with alligator clips.

3494 OTC AutoCode

3494 OTC AutoCode is a diagnostic tool that scans your vehicle’s computer and retrieves diagnostic trouble codes, leading you to the problem area in your vehicle. Since different cars have different types of computers, based on their year of manufacturer. The 3494 OTC AutoCode is specifically intended for use on all U.S. model OBD II and CAN compliant cars and light trucks, model year 1996 to the current year.

HD Scan Tool

OTC makes a product called an HD Scan Tool. The HD Scan performs trouble code diagnosis and comes with a special accompanying kit for further diagnosis. The HD Scan kit includes: a USB cable, an OBD II cable, a nine-pin deutsch cable, a six-pin deutsch cable, a heavy-duty cable, ScanMate software operations manual, and a three-Year Warranty.

Nemisys USA 2007 Domestic Scan Kit

A specialized diagnostic scan tool carried by OTC is the Nemisys USA 2007 Domestic Scan Tool. In addition to featuring a bright color display, the OTC Nemisys comes with a comprehensive kit. The kit comes with all cables, including specialized cables for Ford, GM and Chrysler. In addition to performing diagnostic scan on American cars, the Nemisys has Asian OBD I & OBD II coverage as well.

Two unique functions of Nemisys are its on-screen definitions of diagnostic trouble codes and the fact that it is Internet upgradeable.