Overclock A Radeon Hd 3850

Graphics card

The Radeon 3850, while capable of high-end graphics, is one of the older video cards on the market, as of 2010. If you are using a Radeon 3850, you may find it necessary to have more power in the graphics card for some modern graphics-intensive programs. The graphics card works like a small processor, specifically focused on processing graphics. To maximize the graphics resource of a computer, overclock the graphics card to push it beyond its normal limits.


1. Download and install ATI tools from techpowerup.com.

2. Open ATI Tools and select the option “Find Max Core.” This process will determine the maximum safe level to which you can set the graphics processor on the Radeon 3850 and set it to that level. This procedure may take several minutes.

3. Select the option “Find Max Mem.” This similarly finds and sets the maximum safe value for your Radeon 3850 graphics card‘s on-board RAM.

4. Test the new settings by selecting “Scan for Artifacts.” If ATI Tools finds artifacts, decrease the values of the “core” and “memory” settings by lowering the slider under each. Retest until ATI Tools finds no artifacts.

5. Select “Set Clock” to keep the new settings.