Zz3 Camshaft Specs

The ZZ3 is one of the most popular crate engines in the hot-rod community. Crate engines like the GM ZZ3 350 came about largely as a result of fuel injection and emissions compliance laws. Gone were the days when the average, mechanically-inclined gearhead could build whatever power plant they desired and stick it into the engine bay. Crate engines like the [...]

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Replace A 2500hd Cabin Filter

Some models of the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD are equipped with a cabin air filter. Starting in 2005, all 2500HDs have a redesigned air conditioning system that no longer uses [...]

S&S 563 Cam Shaft Specs

A cam shaft controls the timing of the opening and closing of the the engine valves. On a modern combustion engine, the camshaft is what allows the valves to open and close [...]

1975 Hd Sportster Engine Specs

Fewer things evoke the image of the American open road more than a Harley-Davidson (HD) motorcycle. First produced in 1957, the HD Sportster still boasts classic styling. [...]

1969 Cadillac Specifications

Cadillac offered the Eldorado, Fleetwood, Calais and DeVille in 1969. The Cadillac name is one of the oldest in automobile history. Originally formed in 1902 from the remnants [...]

Connect Cctv Cameras To The Internet

If you've ever been on the road and wanted to see what was going on at home but didn't have a way, now you do. All you have to do is to connect a few CCTV cameras to the [...]

Motorcycle Arts & Crafts For Children

Motorcycles are a great theme for art projects. Children enjoy learning about types of transportation and generally find motorcycles cool and interesting. Tie motorcycle art [...]

Troubleshoot An Oil Leak In The Air Cleaner Of A Harley Davidson

Maintain the proper oil level to avoid damaging your Harley-Davidson's engine. The presence of oil leaking from your Harley-Davidson's air cleaner is the first symptom of a [...]

1940’S Styled Motorcycles & Mopeds

1940s style motorcycles are known for their simple looks and no nonsense performance. These bikes are usually painted in a single color and have features that are replicas of [...]