Paint A Rocker Cover

Personalize your rocker cover by painting it.

The rocker cover is a large piece of metal which covers the valves on the engine of a car to protect it from debris and other harmful objects or substances which can jam or harm the engine. While the main purpose for this mechanical part is protection, it also serves as a cosmetic piece for the rocker. Paint the rocker cover, and it makes the engine more attractive looking.


1. Open the hood of the car and remove the screws around the edge of the rocker cover with the screwdriver. Keep these screws and reattach them to the engine after you paint it. Remove the rocker cover from the engine of the car and place it on a drop cloth.

2. Apply a thin coat of paint stripper all over the rocker cover with a paintbrush. Allow the stripper to sit for 15 to 20 minutes so that it removes any old paint, grease and grime that may have accumulated on the rocker cover’s surface. Then remove the rocker cover from the drop cloth and spray it down with a high pressure washer, removing all the stripper along with any old paint, grease and grime. Allow the rocker cover to dry in the sun.

3. Tape off the parts of the rocker cover you don’t want painted with painter’s masking tape. Cover valve covers with tape as well as any other areas you don’t want painted on the rocker cover. Place the rocker cover back on the drop cloth.

4. Use a spray paint that bonds to metal and spray paint the rocker cover completely. Apply two to three coats every 15 to 20 minutes for about an hour. Allow it to dry and check for any spots you may have missed. Reattach the painted rocker cover to the engine with the screws and screwdriver.