Paint Flames On A Harley

Paint Flames on a Harley

Nothing says Harley quite like killer flames painted on your motorcycle. Getting a flame paint job, however, is expensive. Save money by creating your own custom paint job with some basic enamel auto-paint. Be sure to take your time for the best results.


1. Place painters tape around the edges of your design area to protect against paint. Attach a garbage bag to the edge of the tape to make sure that you cover the areas thoroughly. Paint flames with red enamel on the gas tank, rear guard and front splash guard. Paint five curved triangular shapes starting at the base of the metal and continuing up towards the top of the metal. Repeat for each section you want to paint.

2. Wash out your brush and add orange enamel to the middle of each curved triangle of red flame. Leave only a small amount of the base coat of red near the top and bottom of the flames.

3. Wash out your brush and paint yellow enamel in the center of the orange. Leave a fair amount of orange around the yellow.

4. Dip your brush in some paint thinner and blend the flames. Start in the yellow section and gently blend it into the orange. Use light lines that are curved and wavy to capture the feel of flames licking the metal of your motorcycle. Blend the orange into the read in the same manner. Let the enamel dry overnight.