Paint Tank Emblems

Paint Tank Emblems

Emblems are fun and creative ways to decorate motorcycle tanks. Many motorcycle emblems are made of chrome and are pre-installed to all tanks. Painting your own tank emblem, however, can be accomplished using the right tools and paint. Contact a motorcycle professional with additional questions on add spice and flavor to your emblem.


1. Trace the outline of the emblem onto a piece of PVC vinyl fabric. Cut out the design carefully with a set of hand shears. PVC or nylon fabric is flexible for cutting intricate designs and is easy to adhere to the tank for tracing and painting.

2. Rub the tank clean of dust and grime with a soft, clean cloth on the area where you will paint the emblem. Apply a piece of tape to each corner of the PVC vinyl fabric stencil. Stretch the material until there is no give and press the tape onto the tank. The stencil cut-out should cover the area you intend to paint your emblem.

3. Trace the stencil outline onto the tank with a permanent marker. Permanent marker will write on chrome. Use a thin-tipped marker to mask the outline. Paint the stencil with an acrylic-based lacquer. Allow three hours for the paint to dry. Remove the stencil.