Personalize Gifts For Twins

Personalize gifts for twins so the kids and parents know what gift belongs to which twin.

Twins are sometimes lumped together as though they are a single person. When giving gifts to twins, it may help to personalize the gifts so each twin can enjoy her gift and feel like the individual person she is. Even if you choose identical gifts, each gift can have some distinct characteristics, making it easier for the twins and their parents to keep track of what belongs to which twin. The best way to personalize the gifts depends on the gift you’re giving.


1. Choose different colors or animals for the twins if you want to purchase an outfit, backpack or stuffed animal. Giving similar yet slightly different items makes each gift identifiable without the jealousy that wildly different gifts might cause. Ask the parents whether each twin has a particular color or animal preference.

2. Put the child’s name or initials on the item if possible. For example, a T-shirt, backpack, stuffed animal, blanket, picture frame or baby book can be personalized with the twin’s names via iron-on transfers, fabric pens or embroidery. Have the twin’s names engraved on keepsakes or metal gifts, such as picture frames.

3. Associate a symbol with each child, especially older twins who have distinguished tastes. Twin girls can each have their own flowers, or one might prefer stripes while the other prefers polka dots. One brother might like trains, while the other prefers planes. A boy might prefer bees, while his twin sister prefers ladybugs. Attach pins, patches or embroidered symbols to the gifts to correspond with each twin’s preferences.