Pick A Harley Exhaust

This motorcycle boasts an exhaust with a simple design that complements the clean lines of the bike.

There are numerous options for customizing a Harley-Davidson. One of the most common enhancements is changing the exhaust system. The reasons for changing the exhaust include performance, sound and appearance. New systems can cost up to $1,200 or more, but typically average around $500. There are many ways to choose an exhaust system for your Harley-Davidson, and for the price you’ll pay, it’s wise to do extensive research before purchasing your new system. There are several ways to learn about the different types of exhaust systems on the market.


Motorcycle Events

1. An event where motorcycles gather is a great place to start looking at exhaust system options.

Check with local motorcycle shops, biker-friendly businesses, the local newspaper or the Internet for motorcycle events. Events to look for include charity runs, motorcycle swap meets and bike nights at bars, restaurants or coffeehouses.

2. Look at all the bikes, and if you see a system you like, ask the owner how he feels about the pipes — the sound, performance, quality of the chrome or other finish. The owner might be able to offer other insights as well, including where to find the best price.

3. Write down the names of manufacturers and styles, and check with bike shops, online auction sites, online parts stores or manufacturer websites to find out costs of purchase and installation.

Motorcycle Shops

4. A rear pipe that extends straigh back from the head is called a “shotgun” style exhaust.

Utilize your local motorcycle shop to find more information on exhaust systems. In addition to learning more about the types and prices of systems available, both the parts and service departments can tell you about problems with exhaust systems that they’ve encountered.

5. Check with an independent motorcycle shop for a greater selection of systems. V-Twin Manufacturing is an aftermarket parts distributor that sends catalogs to their dealers to hand out to customers.

6. Buy motorcycle magazines at bike shops or newsstands.

Internet Research

7. “2 into 1” exhaust systems are reported to increase performance.

Ask questions in online forums to learn more about exhaust systems. Bike Talk, HD Forums and Harley Tech Talk are all good places to benefit from the experience of others.

8. Look at manufacturers such as Vance and Hines, Samson and SuperTrapp online. Some manufacturers have audio files that let you hear the sound of the exhaust. They’ll also give you performance specifications.

9. Visit online parts stores such as J&P Cycles, Dennis Kirk and Cheap Cycle Parts for more ideas and more information about prices and installation.