Pick A Prof

Pick a prof who’s good, and it might be the best class you ever take. Pick a bad prof and you might be in for the most boring semester of your life. Do your research before you pick a prof to make sure that you get the best possible prof.


1. Do your research. Look through the course catalog to see if there are any classes that interest you. But remember that no matter how interesting the subject matter of a class, a bad prof can make even the most fascinating subject a total bore.

2. Talk to your friends and older schoolmates. Ask about great profs they’ve have before, and get their help to pick a prof. Ask them what the prof did that made them such a great lecturer. Talk about their favorite college classes.

3. Look up professors online. There are many online websites to help you pick a prof. You can read professor reviews and find out more about the pros and cons of taking any college class with any specific professor.

4. Check to see if your school has a professor guide. Many colleges have student produced guides to professors and courses with course reviews and professor reviews available for you to read. These can be a great resource to pick a prof.