Plan A Trip To Sturgis On Bike Week

Planning a trip to Sturgis on bike week is exciting because there are so many things to do when you get there. The Sturgis motorcycle rally is in August, and bikers from all over the world travel the highways to South Dakota every year to attend.


1. Plan your road trip to Sturgis. Use a map to plan your route. You might want to take the shortest way to save your energy for the rally. Or you might take the scenic route. Whether traveling by car or cycle, take rain gear and summer and winter clothing to be ready for a variety of weather conditions.

2. Book your hotel or camping site at least a year ahead of time. Accommodations and campgrounds take reservations from regulars when they leave from the previous year’s rally. Call at least a year in advance or you may not be able to find a place to stay.

3. Choose the events that you would like to see, and buy tickets as soon as they’re available. When Sturgis event lineups begin to come out, decide which entertainment, bike rides and other events you’ll want to see. The Sturgis rally offers major concerts, many vendors and rocking bar bands, but there are 250,000 biker who want to go, too, so get tickets before they’re gone.

4. Make time to take a Badlands ride. The scenery is something you will never forget. The ride goes through the Black Hills and onto the plains. The ride can take a full day to complete.