Plastic Recycling Plants In The Dfw Area Texas

Recycling can keep plastics out of landfills.

Derived from non-renewable resources, plastics are used in making containers, household items and furniture. According to the EPA, in 2008 the U.S. generated about 30 million tons of plastic products; however, only 2.1 million tons were recycled. Plastics are now a major marketing material, reusable in producing items once made out of lumber, such as decks and structural support for buildings. There are several businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that offer plastic recycling.

Evergreen Paper Recycling

Located on Everman Parkway, Evergreen is the leading commercial and industrial recycling plant in Fort Worth, TX. They have made it their goal to save client money by focusing on waste-reduction programs in order to use fewer trees and less oil. Not only do they recycle plastic, but also paper and cardboard. Evergreen offers many benefits to clients by providing customized recycling programs for other types of waste. The best feature of this company is that they pay the client for recycling.

Evergreen Paper Recycling

1110 Everman Parkway

Fort Worth, TX 76140

(817) 293.4400

Republic and Allied Waste Services

Joining forces in 2008, Republic Services and Allied Waste serve over 13 million customers per month. Although they have 427 collection companies, the Dallas/Fort Worth plant focuses on commercial and industrial businesses since that waste contributes up the 50 percent of all waste found in landfills. Republic and Allied Waste Services recycle almost everything, including plastic, batteries, e-waste and green waste. Although North Texas businesses can take advantage of customized waste solutions, recycling programs and incentives are also offered to the general public for participating in recycling plastics.

Republic and Allied Waste Services

Fort Worth Office

6100 Elliott Reeder Rd.

Fort Worth, Texas 76117

(800) 333-7301


Greenstar is a world-renowned recycling company incorporated in 1978 with headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. Concentrating on commercial and industrial businesses, Greenstar offers training programs, recycling programs, recycling containers, and waste audits. This company also turns plastic, glass, paper, and metal waste products into renewable materials, such as glass or plastic beads for reuse. Greenstar also provides commodity trading with major companies such as Coca-Cola, Anheuser Bush, and KW Plastics.


1100 NE 23rd St

Fort Worth, TX 76164-8301

(817) 626-4949


IESI is a young company founded in 1995 which now serves over 320 municipalities all across the United States. Centralized in Forth Worth, IESI collects, transports and disposes of non-hazardous materials, such as plastic. They serve all sectors, including residential and small businesses. IESI is committed to recycling, and pride themselves on environmental awareness. Since IESI operates the entire waste-management program, they offer a full range of flexible plans for customers.


Material Recovery Facility

2138 Country Lane

McKinny, TX 75069


City of Dallas and City of Fort Worth Sanitation Departments

Perhaps the most convenient way for small businesses or residents to recycle plastic is by giving it to the twin cities. Because plastics sell at $165 per ton, this is great measure for both cities to make revenue other than by increasing taxes. Furthermore, this curbside pick-up recycling program is a free service to residents of North Texas, and both cities provide blue carts so that residents have a place to store recyclable materials.

City of Dallas

Sanitation Services

3112 Canton Street, Suit 200

Dallas, Tx 75226 | View Map

Phone: (214) 670.3555 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (214) 670.3555 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

City of Fort Worth

Environmental Management

1000 Throckmorton St.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

817-392-EASY (3279)