Play American Ps2 Games On A European Ps2

Play American PS2 Games on a European PS2

Playing imported games on a Sony PlayStation 2 used to require a mod chip. If you lived in Europe and wanted to play a game that was only released in the United States (or vice versa), you would have to open up your PS2 and solder a special chip to the motherboard. Software called HD Loader has since been released that helps owners play these games much easier.


1. Turn off your PlayStation 2 and connect your hard drive to the hard drive slot of your PS2. Turn on your PS2 and remove any disc in the DVD drive. Place the HD Loader disc into the PS2 and press the “X” button to start the program.

2. Select “Install” from the right menu, and HD Loader will ask you to insert your import game disc. Remove the HD Loader disc and place the game disc into the tray. Close the DVD tray. HD Loader will install the game onto your hard drive.

3. Remove the game disc from your PS2 and place the HD Loader disc back into the DVD drive and close it. Select your game from the list of installed games from the main HD Loader menu. Your game will start.

Repeat this process for any other games. Each game disc is about 4 gigabytes.