Play Hd On A Laptop

Software and hardware add-ins are available that allow HD to play on a laptop.

HD (Hi Definition) movies and television are a popular style of video footage that boasts a clear, crisp visual for viewers. Hand-held home video cameras also come in HD for families who wish to secure the best looking memories possible for their families. You will need to eventually import this footage into your computer, however, to begin editing your videos to create a DVD. HD videos and cameras require special equipment to playback on a laptop computer. Once your equipment is installed, however, your laptop will be able to read all HD DVDs and camcorders with ease.


1. Upgrade your laptop’s graphics card to an ATI Radeon HD 4000, Nvidia GeForce 9 or other HD compatible graphics card. These graphics cards will allow your laptop to read HD DVDs and camcorder footage with ease.

2. Install the graphics card by removing the panel on the base of your computer. If you do not see the port for the graphics card, your machine required extensive dissembling before you can install your card. If this is the case, skip the remaining steps.

3. Loosen the screws holding your graphics card in place and remove the old card from your computer. Insert your new HD graphics card and replace the screws.

4. Replace the panel on the bottom of your laptop. Power on your computer and the software for the graphics card will begin its immediate download. You can play HD movies on your computer.