Polish A Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters accumulate grime over time.

Owning a Zippo lighter is about smoking in style. No matter the tobacco of choice, your Zippo is going to accumulate soot and grime over time, not to mention general dirt from sitting at the bottom of your bag or pocket. This accumulation causes the Zippo to lose its gleam, the metal becoming an insipid gray. Every now and again you should polish your Zippo to regain the aesthetic that made you purchase the lighter in the first place.


1. Apply metal polish to the body of the metal casing of the Zippo lighter.

2. Leave the polish on the lighter for a couple of minutes to allow the polish to break up the grime.

3. Buff the Zippo lighter using a microfiber towel. Rub the metal in a circular motion until all of the polish has gone.

4. Apply more polish to the logo on your Zippo lighter. Again, leave the polish for a minute or two to break up any grime.

5. Use a horse-hair detail brush to make sure the polish has been worked into all details on the logo and lettering.

6. Rub any excess polish into the Zippo lighter with your microfiber towel. Keep repeating these steps until your lighter gleams.