Polish Chrome On A Motorcycle

Polishing motorcycle chrome can be a long and daunting task, this article will go over a few tips to make chrome polishing a bit easier.


1. Purchase a high quality chrome polish such as meguiars , mothers, or turtle wax chrome polish. Meguiars , mothers , and turtle wax can be found at your local autozone or advance auto stores.

2. Before you apply the chrome polish be sure to clean it with soap and water and remove any dirt or oil. You can also find cleaning supplies at autozone or advance auto stores in your area.

3. Apply the chrome polish to a rag and work at small areas at a time. Use small circular motions to apply the chrome polish and then wipe it off with a clean rag.

4. For polishing chrome spokes and other small parts you can use a dremel tool with polishing wheels, ( also available at auto zone and advance auto )

5. For polishing chrome in hard to reach areas you can place a rag over a flat tip screw driver and apply the chrome polish to the tip, be sure that the screw driver does not tear through the rag and scratch your chrome. ( i will sometimes use a plastic butter knife instead of a screwdriver )