Polish Mag Wheels

You can polish mag wheels on or off your vehicle.

The original term of “mag wheels” was applied to any type of custom wheels made with a magnesium alloy. In today’s vernacular, however, basically any lightweight custom wheels are considered “mag wheels.” They can be made of a magnesium alloy, aluminum or virtually any other type of metal that is shiny, strong and able to be polished.


1. Clean the mag wheels with an automotive degreaser. Spray on or apply the cleaning solution with a rag, allow it to loosen and dissolve the dirt and grease. Then wipe it off thoroughly with a clean rag.

2. Smooth out any pits, scratches or dings by using an abrasive pad. Rub over any irregularities and sand them out. Start with a 600-grit abrasive pad and move to a 400-grit pad if needed. Never use a lower grit pad than a 400 or you will put scratches into the wheels that will not readily come off. Wipe the wheels with a damp rag to remove any dust or debris left over from this process.

3. Apply a mag wheel polish or an aluminum polish with a buffing pad and begin the polishing process. Buff the wheels to bring out a shine. Plan on using a lot of elbow grease here. Wipe off the polish residue with a clean rag, inspect the wheel for any area that has been missed, particularly between spokes, and reapply the polish and buff again if necessary.