Polish Sportster Aluminum Rims


The Sportster motorcycle is a line from Harley Davidson. These types of motorcycles have been in production since the late 1950s. They are popular with enthusiasts as well as weekend warriors. Keeping your Sportster polished is important, especially the aluminum rims. The rims on the motorcycle become dirty due to braking and road conditions. You can polish Sportster aluminum rims without paying an expensive amount on detailing. Meguiar’s Hot Rims Chrome Polish and Mothers Chrome Polish are available through auto-detailing stores as well as home improvement stores.


1. Dust the Sportster aluminum rims with the towel to remove any excess grime or debris. Look for any rocks or debris stuck on the rims as you dust.

2. Pour a small amount of polish on the pad. If you are using a cream, wipe about a quarter-size amount onto the pad. Use three squirts of spray on the rims if applicable.

3. Rub on the outside circle first. Then wipe the polish on the rest of the rim. Use a circular motion to reach every part. A small amount of polish will cover a large area. Add more polish if necessary.

4. Use the microfiber towel to buff and shine to aluminum rims. Wipe in rows starting from the left. This will remove leftover polish and leave you with a bright shine.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 if necessary.