Position An Hdtv Antenna In Wisconsin

It is possible to view local programming in full HD without a fee .

Ordinarily, when watching high definition television programming you are required to pay a large monthly service fee from a cable or satellite provider. However, if you only want your local stations in HD you can connect an HD antenna to the television set. When in Wisconsin, you need to properly adjust the antenna in order to receive the best picture available.


1. Determine the location of the signal origin you want to connect to. The easiest way is to look up the address of the television station from its website. From here you are able to determine the navigational direction (north, south, east, west) it is from your home.

2. Power on your television and the HDTV antenna.

3. Adjust the TV to the station you want to view.

4. Move the antenna until it is pointed toward the direction of the television station. This focuses its reception on the signal origin, allowing you to receive the best possible signal from the channel.