Power Commander Auto Tune Instructions

The Power Commander Auto Tuner makes adjustments to your bike’s performance as you ride.

The Power Commander Auto Tune unit is an add-on for the Power Commander V fuel and timing controller for motorcycles. The Power Commander V allows you to make adjustments to your bike’s fuel injection and engine timing settings without having to take it to the shop. Adding the Auto Tuner allows the Power Commander V to make adjustments on the fly as you ride, based on the configuration you set up in the Power Commander V’s software.


1. Insert the Power Commander V software disc into your PC. The configuration software should automatically start.

2. Connect your Power Commander V to the PC with the included USB cable.

3. Click on “Power Commander Tools” in the toolbar on the top left, then select “Configure,” then “Auto tune.”

4. Click the box next to “Auto Tune Enabled.”

5. Click the “Enable Hardware Switch On/Off” box if you would like to be able to turn off Auto Tune with a toggle switch on the unit. Leave it unchecked if you want Auto Tune to always run.

6. Check the box next to “Require Run Time” if you would only like Auto Tune to activate after a certain period of engine activity. Below the check box, type in the number in seconds you would like the unit to wait if you want to use this feature.

7. Check the box next to “Require Engine Temp” if you would only like Auto Tune to activate after the internal temperature of the engine has reached a certain point. You can only use this option if you have a temperature input connected to the Power Commander V unit. Type the temperature you would like the engine to reach in the box below the check.

8. Type the percentage of variance that you would like Auto Tune to allow from the ideal values into the “Max Enrichment Trim” and “Max Enleanment Trim” boxes. It is recommended that you keep this value at the default of 20 percent or below.

9. Click “OK” to save your changes.