Power Wheels Car Work

How Does a Power Wheels Car Work?

The Beginning

Power Wheels was established 24 years ago when Kransco, a company based in San Francisco, acquired another company by the name of Pines of America. Pines of America was in the business of manufacturing children’s battery-powered vehicles. Two years after the acquisition, the name of vehicles was re-dubbed Power Wheels by Kransco. The number of battery-powered vehicle sales spiked in 1990, when sales were reported at 1,000,000 per year. Mattel then purchased Kransco and subsequently, the Power Wheels line in 1994. With that purchase in place, Fisher-Price Toys absorbed the Power Wheels line. The Power Wheels produced by Fisher-Price did well because of new vehicle licenses that were acquired. The line has been successful ever since.

Understanding Power Wheels

Power Wheels is a type of motorized toy that enables children to simulate driving when operated. Power Wheels run on battery power and are geared for children ages one- to seven-years-old. These toy vehicles are built with realistic features, such as FM radios, power lock brakes, forward and reverse motion and hoods and doors that close and open. The features vary depending on the model of vehicle purchased. Some of the vehicles available are a handful of mini versions of some of the more popular real vehicles on the market. They include the Cadillac Escalade EXT, Kawasaki KFX Quad, Jeep Wrangler, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Jeep Hurricane and Ford F-150, to name a few. Like all toys, there have been recalls over the years for various reasons.

Powering Power Wheels

Power Wheels vehicles are powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery and are kind of built like real vehicles, save for the need for gasoline. The Power Wheels vehicles are wired to run on battery power. They contain wiring that runs from the battery through the vehicle, to the accelerator pedal. Once the pedal is depressed, the vehicle begins to move, just like a real car. The vehicles can go anywhere from two and a half miles to five miles and feature brakes, as well. Some Power Wheels are only able to go in a forward motion, however, there are some that have reverse features, as well. These vehicles’ features work the same way that the accelerator works. There are electrical wires that run through the vehicle and all connect to the battery. The battery can run for a few hours and then must be plugged in to the charger to recharge. This can also take several hours to accomplish.

The battery compartments of the Power Wheels are hidden pretty well, so when the vehicle is in operation, they cannot be seen.