Preserve Spring Leaf Color

You can preserve the green and yellow color in spring leaves.

The pretty yellow and green leaves of spring are a welcome change after the stark, leafless trees associated with winter. You can preserve spring leaves by flattening them and drying them out, which will let the leaves keep their vibrant color indefinitely. Using a bit of preservative is an added touch that can help the leaves maintain a shiny texture as if they were on a tree. You can use your preserved spring leaves for projects like seasonal decorations and floral arrangements.


1. Collect a handful of pretty spring leaves from your backyard, choosing leaves that are vibrant in color.

2. Press the leaves in between two sturdy, heavy books to flatten them. Leave the leaves between the books for a full day until they are completely flat.

3. Find a skirt hanger that has a clip at each end, meant for holding in place the top of a skirt.

4. Clip the stems of the lips in between the teeth of the clips on the hanger so each leaf is hanging upside down.

5. Hang the hanger from a closet rack or doorknob and let the flowers dry out there for a full day.

6. Spray the leaves with a floral spray meant for use on dried flowers to help them keep their shine. You can find the spray at most floral supply stores or craft shops.