Prevent Getting Banned From Xbox Live

If you’re going to play Xbox Live, you should know which behavior can get you kicked off the site. Xbox Live and Microsoft reserve the right to ban you temporarily or permanently from playing. It’s important for you to know and follow the rules.


1. Read the Xbox Live Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. The Code of Conduct describes the behavior that can get you banned from the site.

2. Refrain from modding your game console. Modding means altering your unit to perform tasks not intended by the designer.

3. Follow the golden rule. If you get upset with someone, mute them. Don’t engage in inappropriate behavior and say anything online that you wouldn’t say in front of small children. Degrading, racist, sexist and foul conversation can earn a ban.

4. Leave a game if you find that you’re playing with people who have modified their machines or are cheating. Even if you’re not the one cheating, Microsoft can ban you from Xbox Live for benefiting from someone else’s cheating.