Price A Used Motorcycle

Pricing your used motorcycle appropriately is an important sales tool.

It’s often hard to part with your motorcycle, especially if you had good times with it. While learning price it well won’t erase your pain, it can soften the blow. Getting the best money you can involves doing some research in your local area. If you see a lot of the same model bike you have for sale, you won’t have a lot of wiggle room on price, unless the bike has very low miles or custom work. If your bike is rare in your area, you’ll have better luck asking a premium.


1. Look up the Kelley Blue Book and National Automobile Dealers Association price listings for your make, model and year of motorcycle. These sites are recognized, trusted names in the value assessment of vehicles in the U.S.

2. Check classified ads in local newspapers, including free motorcycle and auto-specific trade publications, such as Cycle Trader. See what owners of your particular model are asking in your area.

3. Search for listings of your model of motorcycle that have recently sold via online enthusiast forums. For example, if you are selling an Aprilia motorcycle, checking ApriliaForum’s “Aprilia Motorcycles And Scooters For Sale” forum can yield helpful information. You can also place your own ad on these forums when you’ve decided on a price.

4. Recognize that while you may have spent a lot of money on aftermarket parts for your bike, you might not necessarily be able to get that same money back when you sell it. Price that aftermarket exhaust or custom leather seat on its own, and consider selling it separately from the bike to make more money.

5. Note how the bike has been kept while you’ve owned it. As a rule, buyers are more likely to spend money on a bike that’s stayed indoors when it wasn’t being ridden, as opposed to one that sat on your driveway all winter.