Price An Atv On Kelley Blue Book

For over half a century, the Kelley Blue Book has been the go-to pricing guide for trucks and automobiles. As the market has expanded to include such vehicles as motorcycles and ATVs, the Kelley Blue Book has expanded its guide as well. Finding the typical price of a used ATV for trade in, private sale or purchase is easy to do on the Kelley Blue Book website.


Use the Kelley Blue Book to Determine the Value of an ATV

1. Determine the make, model and year of ATV you are interested in purchasing or selling. It’s particularly important to know all of this information because the Kelley Blue Book puts motorcycles and ATVs in the same category, thus increasing the chances of accidentally pricing the wrong type of vehicle.

2. Decide whether you want to know the trade-in or the retail value of the ATV. The trade-in value is helpful if you are looking to purchase a new ATV from a dealer and want to know how much your old one is worth in the transaction. The retail value will give you an idea of how much dealers will be asking for comparable used ATVs on the lot.

3. Find the “Motorcycle Values” box on the home page of Kelley Blue Book online (see Resources below).

4. Click on the “Motorcycles” link or the accompanying picture of a motorcycle. On the next screen, choose the trade-in or retail value option. Use the “Motorcycle Store” link if you’re interested in finding an ATV or ATV parts dealer.

5. Select the manufacturer year and choose a model from the list on the next page. Some manufacturers will have both ATVs and scooters listed on this page.

6. Use the “Search Here by Model Name” if you’re unsure of the manufacturer. The link allows you to search through a list of all of the different models matched to the manufacturer. It will also show all of the years the model was produced.

7. Select a letter at the top of the box to see the models whose names begin with that letter.

8. View the next screen to see the trade-in or retail value of the ATV and a brief summary of its engine type. The value shown is the representative price of a vehicle in good, if not excellent, condition. Additional equipment and the mileage aren’t taken into consideration when determining this value.

9. See how many miles the average ATV of this age is expected to have by clicking on the “Mileage/Condition” link. The “Additional Equipment” link will bring you to a page showing how much more your ATV would be worth based on its extra features and options.