Print A List Of Folders

Print a List of Folders

Whether you are using a PC that uses the Windows operating system or a Mac that uses a version of Leopard, you store information as files in various folders. Some of these folders, such as a “Shared Folder,” exist by default in the operating system. Users create other folders and give them customized names. At times, a user might wish to print a list of folders on a computer. This is possible with both PCs and Macs, though the process is different.


Priting a List of Folders on a PC X.txt” where X is the customized file name you want to give to the list of folders. For example, if you want to call the list Folders, type “dir > Folders.txt”. Press “Enter.”

6. Exit the Prompt screen. Click the “Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.”

7. Click “File > Open.” Locate the file you just created. It should be saved in the directory whose folder list you wish to print. If you have difficulty finding it, just type the file name you gave the file into Windows search field. Once you locate the file, select it to open it.

8. Click “File > Print.”

Priting a List of Folders on a Mac

9. Click on “Finder” in the dock. Click on the “Applications” folder and select “TextEdit.” Click “File” and then select “New.”

10. Click “Finder” again. Select the location you wish to print a folder list from.

11. Use the “Apple A” command to highlight all folders. Next use “Apple C” to copy all folders.

12. Go back into TextEdit. Type the “Apple V” command to paste the list of folders.

13. Click “File” and then “Print” in TextEdit. This prints the list of folders.