Print Out Free Wallpaper For Your Room

Wallpaper can be expensive, and there is a limit to available designs. If you are looking for something original or are having problems finding just the paper you have in mind, printing your own wallpaper with a standard printer and paper might be just the thing. Any image can quickly become your own custom wallpaper with just a few tweaks in your favorite editing program. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Find a design online, or create one in a photo editing program. Using the program, enlarge your design so that it covers the entire sheet of paper. Look for designs that are simple, and avoid repeating patterns that will need to be lined up precisely.

2. Print the design onto thin printer paper. Regular copy paper works best. Allow each page to dry for about five minutes so the ink doesn’t smear.

3. Paint the wall with a wallpaper primer, and allow to dry completely.

4. Coat the back of each printed page with decoupage glue using a foam brush. Smooth the pages onto the chosen wall with your fingers, overlapping each page about 1.2 inches.

5. Brush a coat of decoupage glue over the entire wall after all the printed pages are attached. Allow to dry.