Problems With Directv Hd

DirecTV provides satellite broadcasting services across the country. They even offer high-definition programming with an applicable HD satellite receiver. Like any piece of electronic equipment, the DirecTV HD satellite receiver may experience occasional bugs or other problems that affect service. Most of the problems can be fixed with a quick reset or tweaking of the receiver’s settings.

No Picture

If you are not receiving any picture from your HD receiver, first check that it is plugged in to a power outlet and turned on. Also check that your TV is set to the corresponding video input channel to display the receiver’s picture. Check the satellite tuner input cable to ensure it is properly plugged in to the receiver. You may have to unplug it and plug it back in again.

Distorted Picture

You may be receiving a picture, but it looks stretched out, compressed or cropped. This has to do with the display settings for the receiver, which can display images on a 4:3 TV or 16:9 widescreen TV and adjust images accordingly. To change these settings, press the “MENU” button on your remote, select “Parental, Fav’s & Setup” and select “System Setup.” Scroll down and select “TV Ratio” and set it to your TV’s aspect ratio. If the correct aspect ratio is selected and you do not like the way your TV is displaying images, select “Video” and change the settings to your preferences. If Native is turned on, incoming programs will automatically be set to their native broadcast format rather than the highest resolution you have selected. You can set the Screen Format to Original Format, Pillar Box, Letterbox, Stretch or Crop.

No Signal

Several factors may cause your DirecTV receiver to receive no signal or display a “Searching for signal” message. Extreme weather, such as rain, snow or hail, may temporarily block your signal. Other obstructions blocking your satellite dish’s view towards the sky may cause this as well. If these are not the issue, a simple reset should restore a signal. Open the door panel on the right front side of the receiver and press the red “Reset” button. Alternatively, you can unplug the receiver for fifteen seconds.

No Program Information

If you are not receiving any program information on the on-screen electronic programming guide, you can reset the receiver as previously described to solve the problem. This will allow the receiver to reconnect to the network and update the programming information.