Problems With Leaks In The Air Shocks On A Motor Trike

Trikes, short for tricycles, are bikes with three wheels: two in the back and one in front. There are motor trikes, which are comparable to motor bikes and even come from popular manufacturers like Harley-Davidson. However, both bikes and trikes that use air shocks might experience some leaks and other related problems.

Elemental Exposure

One reason that leaks may develop in motor trike air shocks is simply due to elemental exposure. The seals and casing for air shocks are typically made of rubber; and when exposed to humidity and rain, or salt and other harmful minerals, the shocks can begin to rot and develop leaks in the system.

Modern Materials

According to Legend Suspensions, modern air shocks are much more durable and less likely to develop leaks. The reason for this is that these shocks are made of durable Kevlar and polymer materials rather than rubber. Rubber is still an ingredient in the formula, but it isn’t as big a part and offers less of a risk for leaks, allowing the air shock, as a whole, to withstand elemental exposure much better.

Potential Risks

If you have a leaking air shock, there are several potential hazards waiting to happen. If all of the air leaks out, you’ll be riding with no shocks, which can damage the motor trike. If the air leaks out partially, there will be poor shock absorption, which can also damage the trike. If you hit large bumps, you might actually rupture the shock and cause the small leak to split wide open.

Finding Leaks

If you suspect there are leaks in a line or an air shock, all you need to do is make sure there’s still pressure then apply soapy water to the outside of the lining. Soapy water, when slopped onto the air shock or air line, will bubble where there’s air escaping and draw the eye to where the leak is so that you know the area to focus on for repairs.