Program A Slingbox Remote Control

A Slingbox gives you the ability to view your cable or DVR on a computer or mobile phone. Slingbox goes a step further in recreating your typical viewing environment by providing you with a virtual remote control that you can use to change channels and navigate through interactive menus. With devices available from many manufacturers, you will need to program the virtual Slingbox remote control before you are able to use it.


Set Up the Virtual Remote Control for Your Slingbox

1. Connect your Slingbox to your video sources. Rather than directly connecting your video sources to your television, you connect them to your Slingbox and then connect your Slingbox to your television.

2. Determine whether you need to install the IR blaster cables that were included with your Slingbox. The IR blaster cables allow you to control a device for which you have a remote control by emulating it. The IR blaster cables must be positioned above and below the IR sensor on the device of the corresponding video source.

3. Connect your Slingbox to the same router to which your computer is connected. You will need to program the Slingbox remote control using your computer and the Slingbox needs to be on the same LAN.

4. Install the SlingPlayer software on your computer. You will need to log into your computer as an administrator to install new software.

5. Proceed through the guided setup process. You will need to indicate the devices that are connected to your Slingbox. Slingbox has been programmed with remote control codes for many audio and video devices from major manufacturers.

6. Try to change channels on your device through the Slingbox to ensure that the correct codes were used to program the Slingbox. If you are using the IR blaster cables, you may need to adjust the speed at which the cables send commands.

7. Select the virtual remote control that you want displayed in SlingPlayer. For some devices, such as TiVo, you can select a generic DVR remote control or the TiVo remote control.