Program An Atlantic Scientific Hd Cable Box

Learn program an Atlantic Scientific HD cable box.

Atlantic Scientific is the maker of power and lighting surge-protected electronic products such as HD cable boxes. If you have an Atlantic Scientific HD cable box, there is an easy way to get a lot more out of your device by performing a simple program tweak. When you program the cable box, the display via the resolution will be increased beyond the standard outputs of the device.


1. Turn off the power on the cable box but leave the TV screen on. You will need to see the display to complete the programming.

2. Hold down the “Guide” and “Info” buttons on the front of the box until a setup menu appears. Press the yellow button that says “A” on the cable box remote to enter the menu.

3. Select the Advanced setup from the new menu by pressing the blue-colored “B” button on the remote.

4. Select the second display option, which says “Wide Screen” (16:9) by pushing the blue-colored “B” button. This will take you to a system run of resolution checks.

5. Run through the resolutions, selecting the ones that are visible on your screen by pushing the blue “B” button. Start with the lowest DPI and work up until you have run through all the options.

6. Turn your cable box back on when the display on the screen says that the setup is complete.