Promote A Mural Business

Promote a Mural Business

A big part of starting a mural business is promotion. While the ability to paint is imperative, you won’t have anything to paint if you are not willing to promote your business. Here are tips on promote a mural business.


1. Talk about your business. Let everyone you know what you do for a living. When you see a painted mural, inquire about it, and let the person know that you also do murals. You never know when they may want another one and may not be able to reach their original muralist.

2. Make business cards. Always have business cards on you so that can hand them out to anyone and everyone who seems interested in what you do. Whenever you do a mural, offer a discount to anyone who is willing to pass out some business cards for you.

3. Have flyers made that represent the full range of your murals. Hand them out to anyone who wants to see your work.

4. Keep your portfolio with you. People will ask to see you work, and you never know who is looking to hire a muralist.

5. Paint a few murals free. Find very visible high traffic places and offer to paint a mural free. This will give you good exposure to potential customers and more murals for your portfolio. Make a deal with the recipient to hand out business cards for you. Ask them not to tell anyone that you did it for free.

6. Ask for referrals. Whenever you have a satisfied customer, ask them to give you a written referral that you can add to your portfolio and website, next to a picture of their mural. Also, ask if future clients can contact them for a reference.