Properly Dispose Of A Satellite Dish

There are certain items, such as satellite dishes, that you cannot simply throw away. Like many other electronics, a dish contains various metals and toxins that can pollute a landfill. Sometimes a previous owner of a house or apartment will leave a satellite dish attached, or maybe you just canceled your satellite service. If you want to dispose of a dish, you must do it properly to avoid being fined. Does this Spark an idea?


1. If the dish came with a television service, give it back to the company. In some cases, regardless of the condition of the dish, they are going to want it back, and they could charge you if you don’t return it to them. In other cases, the satellite company won’t want the dish back and will leave the disposal up to you.

2. Donate your dish to a satellite dish recycling center. Some nonprofits will even uninstall and remove the dish for you. There are several uses for donated satellite dishes, such as in solar paneling projects and making wi-fi boosters.

3. Sell your dish on eBay. Some large used dishes can be sold for $100 or more.

4. Post information about your satellite dish on, a website for satellite enthusiasts, and Someone might be happy to take the dish off of your hands and maybe even pay you.