Protect My Harley Chrome

Motorcycles, especially Harleys, have a lot of chrome that an owner needs to protect.

Harley Davidson is a well-known manufacturer of motorcycles. Motorcycles often have chrome wheel rims, handlebars and other parts of the bike. The chrome provides a distinctive look to motorcycles. In addition to its high sheen, chrome is also resistant to tarnish. Keeping the chrome in top condition is a matter of regularly maintaining the motorcycle.


1. Clean the chrome parts on a regular basis. Fill a bucket with dishwashing soap and hot water to remove surface dirt and grime. Use a sponge to prevent scratching the chrome. Rinse the chrome thoroughly with fresh water. Dry with soft cloths.

2. Apply chrome polish with a soft cloth. Rub the chrome polish into the motorcycle’s chrome parts. A chrome polish deep cleans the chrome, removing any early signs of corrosion.

3. Apply a chrome wax to the chrome. Buff the chrome to bright out the shine. Chrome wax protects the metal by providing a coat that acts as a barrier to moisture and water.

4. Cover the motorcycle when not in use. The cover protects the motorcycle’s chrome by from environmental changes that corrode chrome.