Prune A Mango Tree

Prune a Mango Tree

Pruning mango trees increases quality fruit production and allows for easy access to the fruit. An unpruned mango tree can grow to over 40 feet tall, making it difficult to reach and harvest the mangoes. If you have a mango tree and you’re looking for a way to properly maintain it, read through a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to growing ripe and delicious mangoes. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Prune your mango tree in the winter after fruit production. This ensures a good quality crop the following season.

2. Cut your mango trees down to about 12 feet. Don’t worry if you take even 20 feet off of your trees. Mango trees respond well to pruning and grow back fast.

3. Apply a good fungicide to all cuts. This prevents pest infestation.

4. Clear out all water sprouts. Remove every dead or dying branch, and every twig hidden from the sun. The inside of your mango tree must be exposed to plenty of sunlight.

5. Strap on safety ropes when pruning the tops of your mango trees. Make sure someone is available in case you fall.

6. Cut the mango tree’s branches where the branch connects together. This enables new growth quicker than if you just cut the branch anywhere.

7. Make sure the sun’s rays penetrate deep into the tree. The sun actually aides in the prevention of fungus, and disinfects your tree against insects and pests that attack the mango fruit.