Pull Harley Rocker Boxes

Pull Harley Rocker Boxes

The popularity of the motorcycle counterculture is currently reaching an all-time high. But while the fun and adventure of motorcycle travel may be undeniable, the hidden cost of motorcycle maintenance can become prohibitive. That’s where a good mechanic’s tool set and a can-do attitude will go a long way. Fixing a leaky gasket at home rather than at the local Harley dealership can save the rider loads of cash better spent elsewhere. Pulling the rocker box covers from a Harley is necessary to access the heads, replace worn parts and stop rocker box leaks.


1. Drain the gas from the tank. Loosen all gas tank retaining bolts and remove the tank itself. Place the tank in a safe, out-of-the-way place.

2. Remove the four bolts and seals from the top of each rocker box cover with an Allen wrench. Remove the upper and middle rocker box covers from each cylinder. Dispose of the old gaskets.

3. Remove the bolts retaining the rocker arms with a standard wrench. Start with the bolts closest to the push rods. Mark the rocker arm shafts and rocker arms so that they are each installed in their original positions, and then remove them.

4. Remove all remaining fasteners holding the lower rocker box to the cylinder head using the appropriate wrench. You may now remove the lower rocker box.

5. Replace old gaskets on each cylinder head and reinstall all removed parts in reverse order. Tighten each fastener down to the specified amount of torque. Before tightening the final fasteners, make sure that the middle section and gasket of the rocker boxes is equally spaced on all sides. Torque the final bolts in a crisscross pattern to help lock down the gasket. Reinstall the gas tank and hoses with all associated hardware.