Put A Battery In A Pocket Watch

Put a Battery in a Pocket Watch

Many older pocket watches are mechanical, requiring a daily winding to keep accurate time. However, modern pocket wages may be quartz, meaning they are powered by a battery. If you have a quartz pocket watch, you will need to change the battery every one to two years. For a pocket watch that still has the manufacturer’s battery in it, you will probably have to change the battery sooner. This is a relatively easy task, because most quartz pocket watches have a snap-on back. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Place the pocket watch face down on the soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the watch.

2. Examine the back of the pocket watch. Specifically, look for a small groove that runs between the casing of the watch and the back plate.

3. Place the edge of the knife or screwdriver gently into the groove. Be careful not to scratch the casing of the pocket watch.

4. Give the knife or screwdriver a light twist. This should be enough to pop the back off most pocket watches. If the back plate is tight and doesn’t want to move, you may have to work the edge of your knife or screwdriver along the entire length of the groove to loosen it. After you’ve tried to loosen it, give it another twist. If the back plate refuses to budge, take the pocket watch to a professional. The charge for replacing a battery is relatively small.

5. Note the position of the old battery so that you can properly put the new battery in place. Then use your tweezers to gently lift the clip that is holding the battery. You can use your fingertips to help slip the battery out or turn the pocket watch on its side. The battery should fall out.

6. Hold the clip with your tweezers and slip the new battery into position with your fingers.

7. Replace the back plate of the pocket watch. It should snap back into position easily by holding the watch between your index fingers and thumbs and applying steady pressure.

8. Check to make sure your pocket watch is running correctly and set it to the proper time. Give it a quick polish with your cloth.