Put A Horn On A Golf Cart

The best horn solution is an air horn for a golf cart.

If you have a need to install a horn onto a golf cart, the easiest solution is to add an air horn to the cart. Air horns mount to poles or posts on the golf cart and the button for engaging the noise mounts to the steering wheel or onto the golf cart dash. Kits are available for golf carts and motorcycles and require minimal tools to install.


1. Undo the horn trumpet mounting clamps and set the two halves over the pole or post on the golf cart where you wish to mount the horn. Thread the clamp screws into the clamps and tighten them with the adjustable wrench and screwdriver.

2. Undo the horn button clamp and slide the clamp onto the steering wheel or onto a small bar on the golf cart dash that is accessible from the driver’s seat. Screw the clamp together onto the steering wheel or dash. Push the horn button to make sure the clamp will not slip.

3. Mount the horn trumpets onto the mounting clamp at the pole or post. Most trumpets mount via a slider or small set of screws.

4. Wire the trumpets to the horn button. Screw the red wire to the red wire screw and the black wire to the black wire screw and run the wires to the horn button. Screw the red wire to the red connection and the black to the black. Run the battery wire from the button to the golf cart battery and attach it to the battery. The wiring is the same no matter where the horn button is mounted; however, the wires need to be attached to the steering wheel via zip ties if so mounted.

5. Attach the wires to posts or poles with zip ties to ensure they do not get ripped out. Cut off the excess plastic from the zip ties using clippers or a utility knife. This prevents unwanted snags on the zip ties.

6. Test the horn by pressing the button.