Put An Exhaust On A Harley Davidson

The correct exhaust system is important for performance and style.

Putting new exhaust pipes and mufflers on a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a common task for anyone who works on their own bike. Because the exhaust is such a vital part of the bike’s performance and overall look, it is important to choose an exhaust system that works with the rest of the motorcycle.


1. Remove any heat shields from the exhaust pipes.

2. Use a socket with a short extension to remove the two nuts attaching each exhaust pipe to the cylinder head.

3. Remove the locknut and bolt attaching each exhaust to the support bracket.

4. Slide the exhaust pipe off the two cylinder head studs, and remove the exhaust system from the motorcycle.

5. Remove the crush gasket from each exhaust port. Use a rag to clean around the port before moving to the next step.

6. Install a new crush gasket in each exhaust port.

7. Check the new exhaust system for loose nuts or screws.

8. Put the new exhaust system into place, and slide the flange over the cylinder head studs.

9. Screw the two cylinder head bolts onto the studs, but do not tighten.

10. Attach the exhaust pipe to the support bracket with the locknut and bolt from step three. Do not tighten.

11. Double check the alignment of the muffler and exhaust pipes. The exhaust system should not touch the frame or any other part of the motorcycle except at the cylinder head and support brackets.

12. Tighten the nuts at the cylinder head, then the support bracket locknut.

13. Install any heat shields that your new exhaust system requires.