Python Car Alarm Information

A car represents a financial investment of thousands of dollars. To protect this investment from theft or vandalism, car alarms and security systems are installed either at the time of purchase or as an aftermarket product. Python car alarm systems address the concerns of car owners by incorporating high-tech features into their products.


Python car alarms have high-tech features, such as digital frequency hopping and multiple frequency transmission, to ensure secure two-way transmissions between your car and the alarm system controller. Certain models will start your car and turn on the climate control systems for you.

All models feature an audible alarm and Failsafe Starter KillĀ®. The starter kill prevents the car from being started once the system is armed. Disarming the system is required to start the car, even if the car’s keys are used.


Python car alarms come in several styles. There are basic car security systems with alarms and ignition cut-off, and security systems that include remote start features.


Price, level of security and the number of vehicles to secure are items to consider before purchasing a Python Car Alarm System. Some options, such as remote starting and climate control, are convenient in inclement weather conditions.