Raise The Seat On A 2006 Harley Deluxe

Although the two-piece seats used by Harley-Davidson’s Softail Deluxe motorcycles are rarely removed from the motorcycle, many of the maintenance procedures required by the Softail Deluxe‘s electrical system call for the seat’s removal. Unlike some motorcycles, which used a hinged mounting mechanism that lifts the seat off the motorcycle’s frame, the Softail Deluxe‘s seats are bolted directly to the frame and are easily removed within a few minutes.


1. Insert the tip of a Phillips screwdriver through the luggage rack bars at the rear of the passenger seat, then unscrew the seat’s mounting bolt from the rear fender.

2. Grasp the rear of the passenger seat and lift it off the rear fender, then pull it away from the rider’s seat. Set the passenger’s seat aside.

3. Unscrew the knurled bolts from the mounting bracket on the back of the rider’s seat by hand.

4. Lift the rear of the seat up and pull it back to free the tabs under the nose of the seat from the catch slots built into the motorcycle’s frame. Set the rider’s seat aside.