Reasons For Canceling Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania driver convicted of DUI will have his auto insurance policy canceled.

While every insurance company varies in premiums and coverage, Pennsylvania law dictates that your car insurance may be canceled if you do not meet certain requirements as a driver. It is important to keep your auto insurance active, as Pennsylvania was ranked 26th-highest in the nation in 2010 for highest car insurance premiums and state law requires minimum liability car insurance coverage.

Unpaid Premiums

According to the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, a policyholder’s auto insurance policy can be legally canceled if the insurance company does not receive her premium. There is no grace or extension period required by law, although some insurance companies may be more lenient than others. If paying the monthly premiums may be a hardship, shop around for an auto insurance company that offers an extension for late payments.

DUI License Suspension

Drivers in Pennsylvania who are arrested for DUI or convicted of driving under the influence will have their driver’s licenses suspended. Once a driver is forbidden to operate a vehicle due to suspension, state law requires that his auto insurance policy be canceled or denied renewal.

Heavy Claims

While an insurance company cannot drop you for making a claim, there is a limit to how many claims you can make before your policy is canceled through a non-renewed contract. Insurance companies may cancel your policy if the driver had two serious car accidents in a 36-month period, or if the damages for both accidents were higher than the policy’s threshold amount, minus the deductibles.